Pool Types

Skimmer Type Swimming Pool

A skimmer swimming pool is designed to pull water into the system from the pool’s surface with a skimming action, pulling in floating objects like leaves and dirt before they sink to the pool’s bottom. Skimmers also are used to vacuum the pool with a manual vacuum or suction side automatic pool cleaner.

Pools over 700 square feet we recommend two skimmers. Water pours over the weir that allows debris to enter, but when the pool pump is turned off, the weir floats into closed position that prevents debris from going back into the swimming pool.

Standard inground pool skimmers are built into the deck, accessible through a cover on the deck to remove the skimmer basket and empty debris that has been skimmed from the pool. We advise you to exercise caution when working on the skimmer with the pump, keep small objects away from the skimmer opening when the basket is removed and keep your hands from covering the suction hole at the bottom of the skimmer it may be dangerous. Large debris can clog the pipes and clause the skimmer to stop working completely.