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Swimming Pool Filtration Plant | Filter Systems | Accessories & Equipment

Every swimming pool needs an efficient Filtration Plant, Filter Systems, Accessories & Equipment to keep the pool crystal clear and hygienic swimming pool water.We are leading manufacturer, importer and supplier of wide range of swimming pool filtration plant, filter systems, swimming pool accessories and equipment which include Sand Filter, Cartridge Filter, Pool pumps, Pool Skimmers, Pool Shell Equipment, Overflow Grating of different sizes and Color Shades etc.

Swimming Pool Filtration Plant & Filter Systems

The hygiene of pool water is the main concern of a pool owner and its users. Since many skin diseases can be contacted through the water it is ensured that regular filtration takes place by the filter systems. Comprehending the same requirement, we have in store for our clients a wide range of swimming pool filter systems, which are extremely instrumental in maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of the pool water. The distinguishing features of our range of swimming pool filters are as follows:

  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal filtration rate
  • Low media migration
  • Simple usage

We are versed in all aspects of modern filtration vessels, matching them perfectly for the job required, within the design constraints of the plant room, and ensuring that the facility can still be operated in the event of planned maintenance or an unforeseen breakdown, with the plant operating at reduced capacity.

Chemical control equipment is tested in our own workshops before being transferred to site to ensure a smooth, trouble-free installation without delays. We offer a range of monitoring options for our systems including remote on-site, remote off-site.

A good filtration plant is necessary complement to every pool. Pool filter systems is used for capturing the coarse impurities in the water and its running helps to keep the water clean, and also extend the life of the pool.

Swimming Pool Accessories & Equipment

We are also a manufacturer and supplier of swimming pool accessories & equipment such as ladders, skimmers and overflow grating, pumps, sand filter & etc.

Swimming Pool Ladders

Ladders play an extremely crucial role in the parameters of a swimming pool in helping a visitor ascend and descend from the water. Our team of designers ascertains to use only non-skid material while fabricating our range of swimming pool ladders. These are available in colors to suit the interior lining of the pool or as per the requirement resented to us by the client. The alluring features of our range of pool ladders are as follows:

  • Non slippery
  • Comfortable steps
  • Appropriate height
  • Non skid grip on the steps
  • Available with hand rails
  • Manufactured using stainless steel or high grade plastic

We are presenting a highly effective range of Stainless Steel Ladders, which are manufactured as per the industry standards. We also provide specific designed ladders for swimming pools in-ground or above ground pool while numerous benchmark models exist that provide ample opportunity to keep your pool safe and decorative.

  • Some of the types of ladder we provide
  • Stainless Steel Ladders
  • Designer Ladder for Swimming Pools
  • Ladders For Pool
  • Swimming Pool S.S Ladder

Swimming Pool Skimmers and Overflow Grating

The traditional Swimming Pool Skimmers version, which presents the water level lower than the floor level, has a ceramic finishing that enriches the visible part of the pool and helps cleaning operations. This system is ideal for public pools with reduced dimensions. We offer our clients good quality components made of UV ABS confirming international standard. It also enhances the flow speed of swimming pool water by collecting suspending particles of water in its specially designed strainer basket.

Pre-cleaning of water is ensured by hair trap, which is a part of a recirculation system. Filtrating itself is assured by pressure sand filter, which is equipped with a 6-way valve. With this valve the desired mode of operation is set: filtration, rinsing, backwash, circulation or wasting. Water is coming from top to the bottom of the sand filter and impurities are trapped here. After a certain time there is a filter clogging, resulting in increased pressure in the filter. If pressure rises above the reference value, it is necessary to clean the filter. In the washing process, water is coming from bottom to the top of sand filter and removes trapped impurities out of the sand. After rinsing, a 'back wash' comes. Water is going from top to the bottom of the sand filtration and is let out to the canalization for a while, because there are still a lot of impurities in a filter. After this, new filtrating cycle starts again.

Overflow swimming-pool is very popular type of pool because of its possibility of using as both public and private pool.

Because of pool´s technological and design solution this pool-type gives the impression of luxury and uniqueness. These pools are also more aesthetic than swimming-pools with skimmer.


We provide swimming pool pump in Pune & India, we provide following pool pumps

  • Above Ground Pool Pump
  • Intex Pool Pump
  • Inground Pool Pump
  • Swimming Pool Pump
  • Pool Pump Motor
  • Pool Cover Pump

Marathon Pump

  • Self-priming pump designed to work under a vast type of conditions, strong and durable.
  • Available from 1/2HP up to 3HP
  • Easy to maintain, see-through lid, large strainer and easy-to-remove drain plugs for fast winterization.
  • Performance and pressure test for all the items prior to shipment to ensure superior quality.
  • TUV GS Certified
  • Other options like 316SS shaft for salted water, 230V/60Hz motors and Thai/Australian/British connections are available
filtration pump chart  
 marathon graph of pump
marathon pump
Code Description Model HP FLOW m3/h  
04010D01 Marathon Pump 1/2 HP Single Phase 1/2 10,4  
04010D02 Marathon Pump 3/4 HP Single Phase 3/4 12,7  
04010D03 Marathon Pump 1 HP Single Phase 1 16,4  
04010D04 Marathon Pump 1 1/2 HP Single Phase 1 1/2 21,3  
04010D05 Marathon Pump 2 HP Single Phase 2 23,0  
04010D06 Marathon Pump 3 HP Single Phase 3 27,0  
04010D09 Marathon Pump 1 HP Three Phase 1 16,4  
04010D10 Marathon Pump 1 1/2 HP Three Phase 1 1/2 21,3  
04010D11 Marathon Pump 2 HP Three Phase 2 23,0  
04010D12 Marathon Pump 3 HP Three Phase 3 27,0  


Laminated sand filter
  • Well recognized by its durability and reliability and latest European technology
  • Easy and comfortable access to the inside of the tank for operation
  • Made of polyester resin and fiberglass.
  • The external layer of colored-gel coating assuring the tank is watertight meanwhile giving the surface a high gloss end
  • Available size from 500mm/20” up to 1,200mm/48”
  • Inner components made of latest generation plastic resins
  • Maximum working pressure 2,5kg/cm2
  • All sand filter models with valve using 1,5” ,2” or “3” (flange) connections
sand filter  
sand filter

LSM Series - Side Mount
Code Description Sand (Kgs) Filter D mm Max working pressure Kg/cm2 N.W (kgs)  
03010101 500mm(20") Sand filter with 1.5" valve 85 500 2,5 19  
03010102 650mm(26") Sand filter with 1.5" valve 150 650 2,5 27,5  
03010103 800mm(32") Sand filter with 2" valve 330 800 2,5 47,7  
03010104 950mm(38") Sand filter with 2" valve 460 950 2,5 56  
03010106 1050mm(42") Sand filter with 2" valve 680 1050 2,5 60,5  
03010116 1050mm(42") Sand filter with 3" flange 680 1050 2,5 64,7  
03010105 1200mm(48") Sand filter with 2" valve 850 1200 2,5 87,5  
03010115 1200mm(48") Sand filter with 3" flange 850 1200 2,5 91,7  

LTM Series - Top Mount
Code Description Sand (Kgs) H mm Max working pressure Kg/cm2 N.W (kgs)  
03010111 500mm(20") Sand filter with 1.5" valve 85 880 2,5 21  
03010112 650mm(26") Sand filter with 1.5" valve 150 1030 2,5 29  
03010113 800mm(32") Sand filter with 2" valve 330 1100 2,5 48,6  
03010114 950mm(38") Sand filter with 2" valve 460 1160 2,5 57